Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work on update 1.2 is under way.

Even if update 1.1 was submitted over the weekend, it does not mean we will take a rest from improving bitBulletin. So today, we did just that, work on improving the app. We also started working on a nice little video to demonstrate the prowess of bitBulletin.

We have started implementing advanced features that we were planning for later on. The first one displays the number of new posts in the Sites menu as a badge on top of the site icon. The second is if you click on a link in a post and that link points to a valid forum address, then instead of using the internal web browser to view that link, normal bitBulletin display will be used. There are quite a few more new features we will add in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.2:

  • New: Option to reset settings (preferences) to their default settings.
  • New: Sites, Tabs and Favorites are sorted by site names now.
  • New: If a link is clicked within a post, if it points to a forum, thread or another post, it will go there, not within the internal web browser.
  • New: Browsing integration for phpbb v2.x sites.
  • New: Integrated web browser toolbar buttons (refresh, back, forward) are enabled/disabled appropriately.
  • New: New posts count badge showing in Sites list.
  • New: Ability to "View new posts..." only from Sites popup menu.
  • New: New option to change font family for posts.
  • New: Post's quotes show with nice styled box.
  • Fix: In phpbb 3.x, show all threads by default.
  • Fix: If no post # is found, the date/time field width will be expanded.
  • Fix: Redone css stylesheets internally.

 Here is a screen shot for the new posts badge icon in the Sites list.

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