Friday, February 11, 2011

BitBulletin version 1.1 was submitted yesterday.

As we have promised, version 1.1 was submitted to Apple the same day our first version was approved.

This new version fixes lots of small issues and it adds lots of new features too.

Fix: Posts not being the right width (only 320 pixels wide) on the first load on the iPad
Fix: Issue when a site is removed while tabs are still opened.
Fix: Speed improvement while analyzing data.
Fix: Back button disappearing.
Fix: Faster posts refresh when rotating device.
Fix: Removed duplicate forum categories.
Fix: Once a site's forum type detection has been done once, it won't be again.
New: When displaying a web page on iPad, always does it in fullscreen.
New: News will be showed automatically when updated on our server.
New: Sites and categories are now sorted alphabetically.
New: Added over 45 new sites in our ever expanding list.
New: Tabs icon now displays the number of tab items in a badge.
New: Support for 'forum.php' URL style forums.
New: Ability to have disabled forums in sites. (Some forum types are not supported).

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