Sunday, February 13, 2011

Important Updates

Maybe many of you don't know, but we've been keeping a log of updates in the news page of the bitBulletin app. However this can go unseen as bitBulletin v1.0 would not show this page automatically whenever it is updated. In version 1.1 and up it does.

We would also like to remind you of two new pages we have created. One to answer the most frequently asked questions and another to keep track of the status of sites integration progress.

bitBulletin FAQ page

bitBulletin Sites Status Database

Here are the main updates from this page:

February 12th 2011

We understand the rage among our customers. We are aware of the issues experienced by our customers right now. We are working hard to fix them. As a proof of our dedication to our products, we will provide phpBB and IPBoard support next week. It won't need a new version, we will update our forum engine description file on our server.

We have also fixed the description in the AppStore to not say "ANY" forums but "ANY vBulletin" forums.

Hopefully our ratings in the AppStore won't stay like that for version 1.2 but we fully understand why they are so low.

February 12th 2011

Thank you for the great support you are showing us. We have received lots of feedbacks and requests. As we are working hard on version 1.2, we are making sure everyone gets support for their favourite sites. We would like to remind you that bitBulletin only supports vBulletin 3 and 4 forum engines at the moment. We are planning on supporting more forum engines in the coming updates. We are removing 1.1 (it was not even in review yet) from the submission queue at Apple, to rush 1.2 out the door today. Here are some of the updates for version 1.2 of bitBulletin for today:

Today also marks a big step forward for bitBulletin. We have created an FAQ page and Site Status Database which lists all sites that are being worked on and their progress status. This way you will always be informed of exactly what is going on with various sites support.

  • Fix: Login issue and forum engines using forum.php instead of index.php.
  • Fix: Logout crash issue.
  • Fix: When a connection error occurs, it does not crash anymore.
  • Fix: Memory leaks when accessing the Tabs and Favourites menu.
  • New: Better error reporting message dialog.
  • New: Device and bitBulletin app information is provided in support emails. Without this information we won't be able to provide technical support.
  • New: When application becomes active (on iOS 4.x and up only), forums recognition engine definitions and forums list is reloaded so you don't have to restart bitBulletin manually anymore.

February 11th 2011

We are now working on bitBulletin version 1.2. It is our mission to improve the extraction engine and add more sites on a daily basis.
  • Fix: Crash when connection fails while other tabs are still loading.
  • New: Added around 40 new sites in our ever expanding list.
  • New: Added support for dates like 11 Minutes Ago, 3 Hours Ago...

February 10th 2011

bitBulletin is now officially available in the AppStore. As promised, we have submitted version 1.1 to Apple today. Hope you enjoy using bitBulletin. We just want to let you know that we are committed to this wonderful product and we will keep improving it and expanding its support on a daily basis.

February 9th 2011

We are working hard on improving bitBulletin and we would like to let you know that version 1.1 is already being worked on right now. Here is a list of fixes and new features you can expect.

  • Fix: Posts not being the right width (only 320 pixels wide) on the first load on the iPad
  • Fix: Issue when a site is removed while tabs are still opened.
  • Fix: Speed improvement while analyzing data.
  • Fix: Back button disappearing.
  • Fix: Faster posts refresh when rotating device.
  • Fix: Removed duplicate forum categories.
  • Fix: Once a site's forum type detection has been done once, it won't be again.
  • New: When displaying a web page on iPad, always does it in fullscreen.
  • New: News will be showed automatically when updated on our server.
  • New: Sites and categories are now sorted alphabetically.
  • New: Added over 45 new sites in our ever expanding list.
  • New: Tabs icon now displays the number of tab items in a badge.
  • New: Support for 'forum.php' URL style forums.
  • New: Ability to have disabled forums in sites. (Some forum types are not supported).

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