Monday, March 21, 2011

bitBulletin 1.2 has been submitted

bitBulletin version 1.2 has finally been submitted to Apple. In this new version you will find the following new features:
  • Threads subscriptions maintenance and syncing with bitBulletin's favorites.
  • Better redirection support.
  • Ability to search in the Forums list.
  • View new posts menu option. 
We have worked really hard to get IPBoard, phpBB and vBulletin support in bitBulletin. We are now happy with the results. There are, of course, tons of things to add to bitBulletin and some things to fix and improve but we are happy with the state of the app right now.
You can check out bitBulletin at the following address in the App Store:

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  1. Hi, is there any chance I could get a promo code? The reviews are not so lovely so I don't want to take a chance with that price tag. Here's my email:

    I will leave feedback in the AppStore as my thanks. I will be honest but not harsh as those other reviewers I see. Thank you